Caplin & Drysdale’s Political Law Group has an established practice representing individuals, lobbyists, consulting firms, advocacy groups, public affairs firms, political consultancies, and think-tanks in addressing their FARA compliance obligations.  Illustrations of our work for clients include:

  • Responding to inquiries and document requests from the Department of Justice’s FARA Registration Unit and other law enforcement bodies;
  • Resolving civil and criminal enforcement actions related to FARA compliance;
  • Responding to congressional inquiries and investigations related to alleged FARA violations;
  • Preparing and submitting FARA filings, including retroactive Registrations and Supplemental Statements;
  • Conducting internal investigations concerning potential FARA issues; and
  • Establishing tailored compliance programs to help lobbying firms, public affairs firms, and political consultancies efficiently manage FARA’s compliance obligations.
Matthew T. Sanderson - Attorney at

Matthew T. Sanderson

Mr. Sanderson advises lobbying firms, PR firms, political consultancies, law firms, nonprofit organizations, and corporations on complying with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). He has defended clients in high-profile matters before the Department of Justice and before Congress related to alleged FARA violations. Mr. Sanderson also helps clients prepare and submit Registrations, Supplemental Statements, Informational Materials, and Advisory Opinion Requests to the Department of Justice.

Trevor Potter - Attorney at

Trevor Potter

Mr. Potter is one of the nation's best-known and experienced campaign and election lawyers. A former Commissioner and Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, and counsel to several Presidential campaigns, he counsels political candidates, for-profit entities, and nonprofit organizations on a variety of political law issues, including FARA.

Bryson B. Morgan - Attorney at

Bryson B. Morgan

Mr. Morgan works with clients to navigate the complex laws governing political activity and issue advocacy at the federal, state, and local levels, including campaign finance, lobbying, "pay-to-play," and ethics laws. He also assists clients in resolving government enforcement actions related to FARA.

Olivia N. Marshall - Attorney at

Olivia N. Marshall

Ms. Marshall works with senior attorneys in the Group to guide clients through the complex federal, state, and local laws that govern political activity, including:

  • advising on the reporting requirements related to the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA);
  • responding to political law complaints, inquiries, and audits from enforcement agencies;
  • and counseling political candidates, for-profit entities, and nonprofit organizations on a variety of political law issues.